Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Rider's Club

Sorry it's been a while.  I've been busy head coaching for the first snowboard club in the state, which also welcomes ripping freestyle skiers too...The Rider's Club!

Help support Maine youth who have never shredded a mountain as big as Sunday River, Saddleback, or Sugarloaf.

If you've ever ripped a slope at a high speed while totally in control then you know what I'm talking about.  

Next to skydiving, bungee jumping or like...just jumping off a cliff to your certain doom, frictionless speed building beneath your boots as you gain momentum down a fresh groomed me...feels like one of the closest things to flying humans could, and will ever experience. 

It would help so much if you checked out our donation page for The Riders Club here.  You'll be bringing smiles, new gear, and new opportunities to these talented kids who don't have the means to feel that flying sensation and how euphoric it can be.

Anything will help.  Cash, gear donations you don't use, or even come ride with us and hype the session!

The kids we are currently coaching at the smaller mountains in Maine (Shawnee Peak, Titcomb Mountain) have such potential that it would be a shame to not help them feel what it feels like to really cruise down a trail that they wont be at the bottom of in 2 minutes.

Here are some pictures of some devoted and talented club members after we hooked em with new boots...and also a shot of our posse that has been dominating Titcomb all season.  Let's let these kids feel how we feel when we rip, cause skiing and snowboarding are seriously magical.  Thanks!


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